Your Accounting Specialists


Courtney McNeff - Sr. Accountant and Owner of Freetrac Services LLC.


Courtney is an Accountant with 24 years of experience that began in the auto industry. In 2009 she left the auto industry and became a senior accountant with Freetrac. 


She executed a managment buyout of Freetrac Services LLC in 2012 and has been making a difference for small businesses ever since.

Kimberly Kirk- Bookkeeping and Payroll Specialist


Kimberly joined Freetrac Services in 2013 to help with the demand of the business.  She is a Full Charge bookkeeper with nearly 20 years of experience and has proven to be a huge asset to our growing business. Her focus and attention to detail is a key component when compiling data for our clients.

Tegan Wood - Administrative Assistant


Tegan has worked for Freetrac since 2009. Tegan is in charge of maintaining the office's efficiency. Along with organizing our paper and electronic files, she also handles our monthly billing.

Freetrac Services has a broad range of talents, our team is eagar to help get your business back on track, take care of the day to day finances or the periodic issues that confront every business. 


Do you find your self just not getting to certain tasks? Whether you don't have the skills or staffing to complete these tasks, this is what we specialize in. We are here to free you, and put you on track for creating the business you want.