Professional Service Rates

Our rates vary depending on the services performed. The range is $85-$185 per hour. 

What our customers love about us is that we are fast. So if you look at our rates and think you can't afford us, please give us a call for a quote. Sometimes what you save in interest and penalties will more than pay for our time, and we strive to have as little impact on your cash flow as possible.


Our goal is to get you focused on what you love about your business so that it grows and prospers. Here is what our some of our customers have to say about us.


I never thought I could afford a bookkeeper until I worked with Courtney. I kept missing quarterly deadlines and I'd get stuck with a penalty every time. She took over, and I literally pay $45 for her to file my returns. What I didn't realize is that because she knows what she is doing, it doesn't take her team the four hours it was taking me to do it!

Deb Overholt Puget Sound Pet Stop


I literally hadn't filed business or personal taxes since 2003. I had all sorts of tax liens, and literally thought I was going to prison. Courtney worked on my account, and I paid Freetrac less than HALF of what I was quoted by the Tax Lien services on the radio. And the best part is after all of that stress --I got a REFUND! Thanks Courtney!