Keeping your books current can be intimidating. If you are behind, stop worrying, we will get your books up to date with accuracy. We can to do this as a one time service, or we are happy to source all of your bookkeeping as a professional service.

Federal Tax Preperation

Freetrac's focus is to prepare and file business and personal taxes to meet tax deadlines. 


We give each account the time and attention needed to assure you are getting the best possible return.

Washington State Department of Revenue

State & Local Tax Preperation

Filing monthly or quarterly state and local taxes is a chore. We can take responsibility for all of your business filings so that you never miss a deadline or have to pay a penalty.

Financial Forensics


At Freetrac we like to think of ourselves as Financial detectives. Some clients will be required to undergo a full formal audit for a State or Federal agency. Our team will work side by side with you through this process to ensure the best possible outcome.


Other clients may need an internal audit. Whether they suspect money is missing, or simply need to get a better handle on their General Ledger, balance sheet, P&L or budgets. We will perform an overall or a departmental audit and show you any inconsistencies that we uncover. In addition we can clean up your General Ledger so that your balance sheet, P&L and budget are not only accurate, but make sense to you.


Finally, we have businesses that just haven't ever balanced their books or have done very little reconciliation. Whether it's a few months or a few years of financial information, our accountants will roll their sleeves up and get your books up to date.